Do you have the time and space ...

... for new ideas?

Stella improves and innovates your organization


You are ready for change! As an entrepreneur you have rethought your business strategy and now you’re excited and want to renew and update your organization… but you don’t know where to start. You have plenty of ideas but how will you implement these ideas? Do you have plenty of time to work this through and can you be creative enough to change direction?

Today your luck has changed for the better because you have found Stella. Stella helps you to channel your ideas and to turn them into real functional strategy’s. By generating time and capacity Stella makes it possible for you to work ON your business rather than IN your business.


People who act in accordance with intended purpose (The Why) are happier, more creative, more balanced and have a positive influence on others. So be yourself and do what you love to do, today, tomorrow, always!

At Stella, we are driven by doing what we love: supporting busy, innovative entrepreneurs so they can implement meaningful ideas which help them to achieve their goals. We support your organization to improve and innovate. We help you to organize your future!


For 16 years now, we are closely involved in supporting mainly healthcare organizations facing major changes. During these 16 years we have acquired a wide-ranging experience in office support, quality control and in many different aspects of running a business. In our experience everything begins with passionate entrepreneurs. People who passionately seek opportunities in new areas of expertise. In our opinion little is needed to excel in business talent and uplift and improve organizations.

Our passion lies in helping entrepreneurs who sense the urge of innovation and want to develop new ways to achieve their goals. Our ultimate aim is to inspire entrepreneurs to take a step forward and boost their passion. With Stella at your side you will find a way to reinforce your ambitions and aspirations towards an organization where happy people work together, in a smart way, with a smile on their faces. Just imagine what the side effects could be…

create time to improve


If you could discard all of the insignificant issues, wouldn’t you have more time to create and improve? Imagine what your new ideas could bring to the future of your organization. Stella is an experienced and flexible secretary and a business assistant who helps you organize. Flexible because we are there for as long as you need us to be. Stella is your secret force.

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create space to innovate


Stella inspires towards innovative thinking. Organizations become more flexible when people have the opportunity to self-organize and engage in a cooperative environment. People become motivated to get the best out of themselves. As an entrepreneur you will establish a future-proof flexibility that will able your organization to react to the constantly changing environment. An organization where there is room for creativity and variation and where people love to work.

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