Do you have the time and space ...

... to seriously think about your future?

Research shows that 80% of entrepreneurs from small & medium sized businesses says not spending enough time on thinking about the future of their company. When was the last time you seriously thought about your purpose and the future of your company?


How do you keep your company on the move in an ever changing environment? Is there still a passionate connection between your personal and business purpose? Thinking about your purpose, your meaning in this life and thinking about where you want to go with your company; it all begins by creating time in your calendar and literally space in your mind.


Today your luck has changed for the better because you have found Stella. By generating time and space Stella makes it possible for you to work ON your business rather than IN your business. Stella helps you to channel your ideas for the future, to find your (business)purpose and to turn it into practice.


Love the life you live, live the life you love. People who act in accordance with intended purpose (The Why) are happier, more creative, more balanced and have a positive influence on others. So be yourself and do what you love to do, today, tomorrow, always!

At Stella, we are driven by doing what we love: supporting you as a busy entrepreneur so you can implement meaningful ideas which help you to achieve your dreams.

find your



Our ultimate aim is to inspire entrepreneurs to take a step forward and boost their passion. With Stella at your side you first create time and space so you can take a pause, reflect and rethink. To reinforce your ambitions and aspirations towards yourself and towards your organization. From purpose to practice!
Together with our partners we organize events for entrepreneurs, organizations and innovators with a high fun factor. Connect, exchange ideas, experiences, concerns and successes while developing yourself and your organization at inspiring meetings and ‘out of the box’ workshops and training courses.

More information: Happynings

create your

future organization


Only flexible organizations can keep on the move in this ever changing world of ours. To uplift and renew existing organizations we create NEXT organizations where it’s a great place to work. NEXT stands for New consciousness, Exciting culture, X-factor leadership, Team & network orientation.

We look for ideas that are out-of-the-box, but first we look especially at which beautiful things are already IN the box which not have reached their full potential. An organization where happy people work together, in a smart way, with a smile on their faces. Just imagine what the side effects could be…

More information: create a NEXT-organization.

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